Senior citizens plan

In the 21st century, everyone has big dreams, and you can’t achieve everything from home. So, you have to go to other cities or countries for a bright future. But do you know who is left behind at home? They are your parents who feel alone, and they don’t take meals on time. They start their day with tea and unhealthy, processed foods. Post which, they move to lunch, or sometimes they skip dinner too, thinking of the saying "javak ta ghar nai ki banona," and they become weaker day by day. First, they’re old, and it’s easy to have diseases like high blood pressure, weak digestion, heart issues, joint pain, nutrition deficiency, and so on. So this plan is created especially for your parents, who live alone and are feeling all the above issues. With this Senior citizens fitness plan, they will get full guidance on nutrition, easy workouts like stretching and light weight dumbbell workout, and some of the best tips to deal with loneliness and anxiety.

£ 320 / One Time Plan

Choosing the Best Plan for Senior Citizens: Here's Why We Stand Out

Is it too late to start gym after 60 or 70?

No, it is not. You can improve your health at any age, but you have to train under a fully professional or experienced trainer.

What are the benefits of exercise for senior citizens?
1. weight management
2. improve balance and flexibility
3. increase metabolism
4. decrease anxiety or depression.
5. Reduce loneliness, improve confidence to enjoy the best parts of life, and ability to find friends who share same hobbies and interests

Which workout is best for senior citizens?
endurance, yoga, flexibility or stretching exercises, balance and strength training, or some outdoor activities.